The Darwin Manuscript


Discover why this Ancient Scroll from the pen of Charles Darwin brings Death to All who come into Contact with it...

Andrew Carlish inherits a manuscript written by his ancestor, Charles Darwin, who never published it because of the dynamic and provocative content. Before 35-year old Andrew and his young brother Joey can publish the document, there is worldwide opposition to overcome.

The Darwin Manuscript: a fast-paced Thriller!Fanatical religious sects and holy leaders agree its publication would be disastrous for their creed and they set out to procure the original document. Within a few days, they murder the editors and friends who have read the Darwin Manuscript in attempts to stop its publication.

Mujahidin mutilate and kill an innocent young woman, while two rogue CIA agents murder four people in their quest for the Darwin Manuscript.

Andrew served 5-years with the SAS Regiment and he needs all his skill and experience to combat the enemy as they close in on his cousin Bertie’s moated farmhouse in the Malvern Hills. They are under vicious attack from numerous killers who are determined to find and destroy them and the original manuscript.

This novel moves furiously through the streets of London and the country lanes of England, with a thrilling finale in the icy snows of winter.

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Charles Darwin's
Early Days

Charles Darwin was born on 12 February, 1809 at The Mount in Shrewsbury—his father's house and where he lived until 1831.

THE MOUNT Click to enlarge
The Mount

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Darwin attended Dr Samuel Butler's Shrewsbury School from 1818-1825

Shrewsbury School -  Click to enlarge
Shrewsbury School

Charles Darwin attended the university at Edinburgh, where he studied medicine but had more interest in nature. He was a student from 1825-1827.

Edinburgh University - Click to enlarge
Edinburgh University

The next two years Darwin was at Christ's College, Cambridge, where instead of studying to be a clergyman he was happier collecting beetles.

He studied mineralogy with Professor Robert Jameson, biology with Professor Robert Grant, and geology with Professor Adam Sedgewick. There is no doubt this learning enthused him enough to shape his future.

Christ's College, Cambridge - Click to enlarge
Christ's College, Cambridge



Shrewsbury 1830


Darwin's Earth


Why was 'Origins' Delayed?

You all know his 5-year Voyage of Discovery on HMS Beagle ended in 1836 yet Darwin published a sheaf of other manuscripts during the next 20 years, before he published On the Origin of Species in 1859. Many experts put this down to his continued research, however, Darwin himself pointed out that the first edition of Origins was merely a hastily written outline of the much larger volume he had in mind.

Learn the real reason for this exceptionally long delay, which is unknown in publishing today as much as it was in the 19th Century, and read the complete Darwin Manuscript.

The Darwin Manuscript will be published in hard-copy towards the end of 2009, however, you can have your own full-length, pre-publication copy today. Order it online for immediate download at the secure Website of PayPal or, if you prefer Google.

This new publication not only provides answers to the reasons for delaying publication of On the Origin of Species, but also explains in detail why Charles Darwin totally lost his earlier religious beliefs.

You can be one of the first to read this amazing publication, and all you have to do is download your copy today. It will prove to be one of the best thrillers of this decade.


What Happened in the Andes?

The Beagle (click to enlarge)
The Beagle

Charles Darwin sailed with HMS Beagle on 27 December 1831 on a Voyage of Discovery that circumnavigated the globe and did not return to England until 2 October 1836.

Darwin was an impressionable young man of 22 years when he set out on this journey, who had vaccilated from medicine, the clergy, biology, to geology during his senior education at university. Upon his return he was had a wide reputation for excellence in geology from the Geological Society who had accepted and displayed many of the specimens he had sent back to England. On the January 4, 1837 Charled Darwin presented 80 mammal and 450 bird specimens to the Zoological Society of London.

South America (click to enlarge)He found a large range of fossils, flora and fauna on his various travels around the southern regions of South America, many of which were sent home for cataloging and later put on display.

When he noticed the great differences in similar species living on either side of the mountain range, Darwin experienced the birth of his theories on evolution. He also found that extinct species were directly related to current species in the same geographical area.

However, all the above is but a small part of highly-published and well-documented information about Darwin, his travels, and his theories. The new Darwin Manuscript reveals information never previously published and throws completely new light on many different topics.


The Darwin Manuscript

Read how the publication of this exciting new document was delayed because of various groups of people worldwide who considered the contents far too explosive, and so they made vigorous attempts to prevent it reaching the general public. Indeed, they would far prefer that every copy be totally destroyed and all memory of the Darwin Manuscript be erased from memory.


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ISBN: 978-1-907014-00-0

Pages: 336 pages.

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Formats: PDF, ePub, Kindle

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The Origin of Darwin's Theories

This novel suggests how and where Charles Darwin obtained the information he later used to create his theories on the origins of species. It also explains why he did not publish them for some 20-years, and the tremendous impact it had on his religious beliefs.

Read what The Times newspaper says: Click here


The Church of England

Some 150 years after publication of 'On the Origin of Species' the Church of England is to apologise to Charles Darwin for its initial rejection of his theories.

The Church is finally going to concede it was over-protective in dismissing Charles Darwin's most famous publication. Click here to read more...


The Darwin Manuscript - Charles Darwin


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